Tips for your perfect resume

As I said, there are no fixed rules but rather guidelines for resumes. Of course, all resumes can be designed in Word. However, since the small things are often necessary, a high-resolution image (CMYK format for printing) or a good PDF, for example, is an opportunity if the application is printed out. So every little detail can make a difference. The more positive the visual and content structure of the actor resume template, the higher the chance of reaching the next step - to be shortlisted. Of course, you should orientate yourself towards the potential employer:

  • What are the mechanisms and expectations in the industry?
  • Which target groups are served?
  • What kind of guys do I work with (internal/external)?
  • What is the age structure like in such companies (supervisors, colleagues, customers)
  • How does the company describe itself (e.g., rather conservative or open)?

So it often applies: An adapted (newly coordinated) application usually fits every company, industry, or HR manager. So the resume can vary from classic to creative, or the color design can be different. Such an approach can be derived by checking the potential employer (website, reviews, HR, social media, etc.). Of course, you shouldn't interpret too much, but there is usually a little more psychological influence involved. Examples can be:

  • Using identical company colors can have a positive effect (subconscious sympathy)
  • Take up the requested points of the position in the letter & resume
  • Only use a professional applicant picture - depending on the branch of casual - (correctly) serious
  • The PNG format is suitable as a digital signature so that the signature looks real
  • The order (cover sheet), cover letter, resume, attachments
  • -> replace the resume in the second position (after the cover sheet), as it is usually read first
  • Never exceed two pages of your resume - (better mirror content)!
  • -> Nobody is so important that they can write 3-5 pages about themselves


Writing the perfect resume - the opinions of the "experts" usually differ. There is no precise checklist or guide. Essentially, it depends on work experience, knowledge, or skills and how you sell them. No spelling mistakes and a highly professional applicant picture must be the standard. What is now considered to be a good structure or attractive design is also a matter of taste. For example, suppose you want to keep your functional resume templates very simple because someone from the old school is on the other side. In that case, you have to think carefully about whether good cooperation is possible in the future. How often does it fail because of the implementation of new & modern things rejected by the "old" staff?

In the end, it also counts to separate the important from the unimportant. Therefore the essential tip is:

Just make an effort.

  • Find out about the company / HR.
  • Believe in your strengths and abilities.

A lot also depends on the attitude and motivation in how you approach something. And never forget: Other people only cook with water!

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